In order to understand my journey, we need to go wayyy back to April of 2016. The origin of my business started months before the $200 photography class. You see, the seed of my business was planted in darkness when I miscarried my first pregnancy.

In the wake of my grief, I was desperate for distraction, desperate for something to be fun again and because I’d always loved taking pictures, I did a Google search for “affordable photography class”. After some digging, I found an in-person, 3 month class for $200 promising to teach me to shoot in manual. The cherry on top? I could walk there from my apartment. Talk about a sign from the universe.

honestly, I was only looking to up my Instagram game. I had NO IDEA when I sat down for my first class that it would be the first step I took to quit my 9-5, match my corporate salary one year lateR and now have a six figure business.

One of my favorite parts of ditching my 9-5 is that I get to make my own rules, my own schedule and call my own shots. Oh, and donating my blazers is a feeling I’ll never forget.

Now, I want to help people breakthrough their limiting beliefs and create the path to living their dream life - whatever that might look like for you. For me? My dream life is making my own schedule, 4PM happy hours, traveling when we want and spending more time with my Baby Margs and Aussie husband.

I can’t wait to be a part of your story.

Hi, I'm Casey!

and I like to break the rules.

hot off the press...